Japanese cuisine - Smart casual - Alcohol Served - Credits card accepted - Non-smoking
Main course meal starts at 30AED

Dubai, Al Hudaiba
Crowne Plaza Hotel



Rosanna Stohr   -   2012-12-09
"We visited the Crowne Plaza branch as it was ideally located on the Sh.Zayed road and there was plenty of parking around. The restaurant staff were warm and welcoming as they introduced themself while guilding us to our table. The atmosphere though a bit loud had a nice buzz about it. The menu is extensive and prices well affordable; the portions large and more than suffice. As we were rather hungry and sharing our choices we ordered a range of items and would happily recommend the duck gyoza, beef yakitori, chilli squid, yaki udon, seafood sen yai, teriyaki salmon soba, wagamama seafood ramen.
What we particularly enjoyed was the seating arrangement where fortunately we were seated near a rather nice group of four who ended up joining our dinner conversation! An extremely enjoyable evening!"

Davian   -   2011-08-10
"Why do I bother calling up poelpe when I can just read this!"

Sahar   -   2011-05-17
"YaMaMa shu tayyib Wagamama :P lol
in english: Yummmmmyyyy!!"

Hala   -   2009-09-17
"This Japanese word means willful/naughty child in English or it can mean selfishness. To me it's both. Wagamama have combined modern cooking ideas with ancient cooking heritage and successfully reinvented Japanese recipes. Chili noodles that will fire up a naughty spirit, willful salads for the figure conscious and selfish food cravings for even the one's on a tight budget. Wagamama is known for its homely, kids friendly dishes and outstanding customer service, fresh food and nutritious menus. It meets their official slogan "positive eating + positive living"! "