Philadelphia Private School

14,600 - 25,000 AED per year - Primary and Secondary - Entrance is based on academic qualification - Applicants into grades 2-12 are admitted based on previous academic achievements - KG1 - year 12 - Students at the Preschool level study Language arts (English, French & Arabic), Mathematics, Computers, Creative Arts, Music, Character Education and Physical Education - Elementary school covers English, Arabic, French, Math, Science, Computers, Social Studies, Character Education, Art, Music and Physical Education - Islamic Studies are also available - High school covers a choice of English, Arabic, Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Character Education, Art, Music and Physical Education - There are also clubs and activities held three days a week - Uniform is required
KGI-II ; 14,600 AED per year, Year1-2 : 16,500 AED per year, Year3-6 : 18,250 AED per year, Grade7-8 : 20,250 AED per year. Grade9-12 : 25,000 AED per year, All prices are inclusive of books . Fees can be paid in three installments
Sun. to Thurs. 7.35am-3.45pm

Dubai, Al Qusais
Halab Street



Anonymous   -   2010-11-15
"They have quite a developed curriculum and are reasonably helpful. "