Marina Interiors

Complete home furnishings - Rustic style - Exotic interiors - Hand made quilts - Internationally sourced furnitures - Genuine Antiques - Ethnic style - Indian made carvings
When looking for furniture for your home, go to Carrefour for great service & quality furniture!
Cheapest bed starts at 2,950 AED
Daily 9.30am-8.30pm

Dubai, Al Barsha
+971-4-3478940 - Al Barsha



Lorin   -   2012-01-13
"Deep thniking - adds a new dimension to it all. "

Stephanie   -   2011-03-01
"Marina Interiors has lovely home furnishings that will add a little "je ne sais quoi" to any apartment or villa. We advise you to pay in cash, as everything becomes a little bit hectic if you try to use a cheque. And do NOT try and barter with the price, as the manager will very firmly point out the sign by the cash register 'Prices are fixed'!"