Address Levels 2, Louis Vuitton Building, 1479 Marfaa Beirut Souks, Fakhri Bey, Allenby Street, Beirut
Telephone +9611957576
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UAE Exchange

Demand Drafts - Telex Transfers - Express Transfers - Xpress Money - Bill Payments - Inter-Emirate Transfers - Currency Exchange - Traveller's Cheques .Western Union Money Transfers - Travelex
Prices For 10000 AED, they will give you $2717.39
Hours Daily 8am-12am
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UAE Exchange in Bur Dubai

Address Dubai, Bur Dubai
Bur Dubai
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Telephone +971-4-3537070 - Bur Dubai

Reviews (3)

AYSHASALEEM   -   2011-12-28
"It Is A Good Exchange And Has Good Customer Services..."

Hester   -   2011-08-10
"Never would have thunk I would find this so indipesnsbale."

Mr Me   -   2010-11-26
"Branches all over Dubai. Prepare to queue for a long time before being served. If you're on a tight time schedule save it for another day. But known for having the best rates in town."