Address Levels 2, Louis Vuitton Building, 1479 Marfaa Beirut Souks, Fakhri Bey, Allenby Street, Beirut
Telephone +9611957576
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The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

5 star - 138 rooms - Conference facilities - Swimming pool - Beach resort - Spa - Sauna - Fitness Center - Internet connection available in all rooms - Restaurants
Prices Rooms from 2,100 AED
Hours 24/7
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The Ritz-Carlton Dubai in Jumeira

Address Dubai, Jumeira
Dubai Marina, Jumeirah
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Telephone +971-4-3994000

Reviews (1)

Suresh   -   2010-07-12
"This hotel is one of the most stylish hotels in the Dubai. From the grand lobby to the spectacular view of the gulf, it provides the best of both worlds for business travelers and honeymooners."