Address Levels 2, Louis Vuitton Building, 1479 Marfaa Beirut Souks, Fakhri Bey, Allenby Street, Beirut
Telephone +9611957576
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Pizza Hut

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Prices 01
Hours Daily 11.30am-12am
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Pizza Hut in Bur Dubai

Address Dubai, Bur Dubai
Shekh Khalefa St
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Telephone +971-600-569999

Reviews (8)

mohamed   -   2012-04-16
"amazing place"

AYSHASALEEM   -   2011-12-28
"I Visit Pizza Hut On Weekends, The Food There Is Delicious And Yummy... My Daughter Loves To Go There... There Are Different Varieties Of Pizza And Excellent Service"

amany hussein   -   2011-09-17
"yummy i like pizza frim pizza hut"

Daryl   -   2010-01-04
"Never ever use these pigs for ordering pizza. Rude and unprofessional service, they make you wait, then they tell you that they won't come because they won't pay the road toll. EVEN if you offer to pay it for them!! Incompetence, pathetic quality, rude and a disgrace to the franchise"

Hassan   -   2009-09-13
"trying to get a hold of the Beach Road restaurant, got 4 different numbers from call centre and none work or dont get answered! Do they really want the business? -AARGH!"

satchiko   -   2009-07-18
"Always late and poor quality, I think the pines are lapsed, and the crust are expired. too bad, unlike pizza hut we have in the Phils"

Badr   -   2009-05-14
"worst service ever this place needs to do somthing"

George   -   2009-05-04
"yesterday i send an e-mail, really i expected someone to call but really it seams no one cares for the customer satisfaction all u need is making business ,,, in my previous e-mail i mentioned that i got a hair stocking in the pizza pie , and one of your supervisors come to my home and all his attention just to take the piece from me, but i refuse to give it.. so i'll put it in the internet pages and everywhere i can reach because it seams you really care for the hygiene and the reputation for your brand..."