Emirates Bank

Current Account - Savings Account - Mortgages - Loans - Credit Cards
Website www.ebi.ae
E-mail info@ebi.ae
Prices Minimum balance: 5,000 AED
Hours Sat. to Thurs. 8am-12pm; Sun. 8am-1pm
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Emirates Bank in Sheikh Zayed Road

Address Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai Internet City
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Telephone +971-4-3910841

Reviews (5)

AYSHASALEEM   -   2011-12-29
"Good Bank... They Give Good Services To The Customer... My Husband's Own Company's Account And Personal Is In This Bank... Friendly And Good Customer Services..."

Kiana   -   2011-08-11
"You saved me a lot of halsse just now. "

Jen   -   2010-12-26
"wow! thanks for the reviews.. i was considering this bank but not anymore.. you saved my life!"

natalya   -   2010-11-05
"the worst customer service i have ever recieved...a year of trying to deal with the same problem..nobody knows,nobody follows up..really thinking of changing the bank.any suggestions?"

Andrea   -   2009-11-05
"Once you have finished listening to the 'call-centre-music greatest hits album', you may be able to speak to a customer services representative. They have all the information you could possibly need about the bank and more. What we did realize a few minutes into the conversation was that although we were receiving all sorts of information, none of it was what we had asked for! We advise you to take a firm grip of the wheel, and steer the conversation in the direction YOU want it to go."