Address Levels 2, Louis Vuitton Building, 1479 Marfaa Beirut Souks, Fakhri Bey, Allenby Street, Beirut
Telephone +9611957576
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CEDARS- Jebel Ali International Hospital

Established in 1999, CEDARS – Jebel Ali International Hospital was the only full-fledged 24-hour medical center in the Jebel Ali area and it was upgraded into a hospital in August 2004.
Today it is a full-fledged multi-specialty hospital offering services ranging from Pediatrics to Occupational Health, Laparoscopic Surgery to Internal Medicine.
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CEDARS- Jebel Ali International Hospital in Jebel Ali

Address Dubai, Jebel Ali
jebel ali (jebel ali police station)
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Telephone +971 4 881 4000
Telephone +971 4 881 4000

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