Address Levels 2, Louis Vuitton Building, 1479 Marfaa Beirut Souks, Fakhri Bey, Allenby Street, Beirut
Telephone +9611957576
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CarFare Rent a Car

Daily, Weekly & Monthly rentals - Long Term & Short Term Leases - Chauffeur driven vehicles - School Bus services - Regular office staff transports - Staff transport for Construction sites - Economy, Premium, Full Size, Standard, Intermediate & Luxury Cars Available - Buses & Passenger Vehicles Available - Free Delivery & Collection of Vehicle all over Dubai - Documents required: One copy of UAE Driving License, one Passport copy, credit card
Prices Cheapest offer at 120 AED per day & 1900 AED per Month
Hours Sat. to Thurs. 9am-1pm & 2pm-7pm
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CarFare Rent a Car in All Over Dubai

Address Dubai, All Over Dubai
Provides service all over Dubai
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Telephone 971-4-2973993 - Direct number for Head Office- Deira
Telephone 971-4-3903265 - Media City Branch

Reviews (2)

Matei   -   2012-01-14
"None can complain on anything..."

Hitaf   -   2010-04-01
"The sales person spoke good English, he was very helpful and had very good knowledge of the service offered, answered all my question with ease never lost his composure and was very lively throughout the call. Booking is recommended at least couple of days in advance. "