Address Levels 2, Louis Vuitton Building, 1479 Marfaa Beirut Souks, Fakhri Bey, Allenby Street, Beirut
Telephone +9611957576
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Marriott Bonvoy

Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Polynesian, Thai - Reservations required - Credit cards accepted - Grand Buffet - Alcohol served
Prices Main course from 50 AED
Hours Sat. to Thurs. 7pm-11.30pm; Fri. 12pm-3pm
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Marriott Bonvoy in Deira

Address Dubai, Deira
Renaissance Hotel
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Telephone +971-4-2625555

Reviews (2)

Alina Olimpia Filip   -   2013-01-03
"Great food, good serving and a cosy atmosphere all over.
Staff is polite and various specialty buffet make for a suitable family outing on weekends, in a medium budget range as well."

Farah   -   2010-04-20
"Spice island features international dishes from Chinese noodles, Mexican quesadillas to Arabic kebabs. It can get really crazy at times especially buffet table. Just take your time and enjoy the sumptuousness of each dish laid out on the table. Leave stuffed and unable to speak."