The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

5 Star - Resort Hotel - 598 Rooms - Internet connection - Wireless - Beach Club - Fitness Centre - Swimming Pool - Health Spa - Restaurants
From 21,00 AED per night.

Dubai, Jumeira
Jumeirah Beach Road



antonia   -   2012-01-25
"fabulous hotel large and spacious rooms"

AYSHASALEEM   -   2011-12-29
"I Visited There To Just See How The Hotel Looks... The Hotel Is So Beautiful And I Saw A Close-Up View Of Burj Al Arab... The View Of The Burj Al Arab Is So Beautiful... "

Ramesh   -   2011-03-10
"This resort hotel is probably one of the best known hotel in Dubai. It is a distinctive landmark in terms of its architecture and popular with tourists and locals alike. It houses 360 degrees bar and club, which is probably the coolest venue in Dubai: a terrace bar that wraps around the roof, with views in every direction. The Beach is quite nice, and the grounds very pretty. If you spend any length of time in Dubai, I guarantee you will visit this place at least once."