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Muhamamd   -   2012-12-30
"This company is in the pretext of toyota service provider. Will spread mouth publicity that it is cheaper than Al Futtaim service. But ultimately they will charge you more than your pocket. This you can realise only after you get your hands burnt. I have given my car for major service. the service charge itself is 1200 (al futtaim I found out that to be 1100 later) then after it is taken they are keep calling you. This one is not ok, can we change it, 1000 addition. Then you think everything is ok. then you recivev another call, that is not ok. like this they robbed me another couple of thousands. what is this? Then I realised this is their modus operandy. Every criminal has their own style. Now a days are days of financial crime, how to get the money from ones pocket into your pocket. I dont find fault with the service agents, there will be a MF manager who is trying to give extra profit to his owner. "

Christina   -   2012-01-14
"Thanks guys, I just about lost it loonkig for this."

Samer   -   2011-04-10
"The sales representative spoke good English, was very interesting and helped with my questions, and had good knowledge about services and the brands. "