Dubai Hospital

Government hospital - Anesthesia - Pediatric - Ophthalmology - Physiotherapy - E.N.T. - Obstetrics - Orthopedic - Urology - Rheumatology - Nephrology - Oncology - Endocrinology - Radiology department - Nuclear medicine department
Prices are reasonable and in line with other government hospitals . Private suites cost 1,500 AED . Private suites with a living room costs 2,000 AED
Mon. Thurs. & Fri. 4pm-6pm

Dubai, Deira
Deira Corniche



Abdo   -   2010-07-08
"I called them and they werent really concerned with taking my phone call. I havent heard anything bad about their service, but I havent had any wonderful reviews either. I would say that this hospital is best for minor emergencies."