Buddha Bar

Asian Fusion style Restaurant - Alcohol served - Smart Casual
Main courses from 100 AED

Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
Grosvenor House Hotel, West Marina Beach



jane   -   2011-05-22
"i just like this place..."

Maya   -   2009-06-09
"Buddha Bar is a chic and highly trendy venue that has become well-known for attracting much of the creme de la creme of Dubai's jet set. Although the sushi is fresh, tasty and appetizing, it'll most likely be the deserts, cocktails and mocktails that'll tickle your fancy. We do have some reservations vis-a-vis the ambience however. This bar/restaurant has a great deal of potential and the hype surrounding it perhaps inflated our expectations beyond reasonable proportions. Even with hindsight and thus acknowledging our exaggerated expectations, the Buddha Bar just doesn't live up to the awe-inspired chatter we had been hearing from every Tom, Dick and Harry. The bar especially was very overcrowded with a large section of the punters looking as if they would've felt more at home at a geriatric hospital sipping chicken soup through a straw than in one of Dubai's hippest bars. It might have just been an off night. Let's just say that the jury is still out."